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    Welcome : To the UpwardTrails Activities Ministry
    Upwardtrails is a group of caring people, reaching out to the world, with Love and Outdoor Activity Guidance. Remember to bring lunch & water. Some trails require protective clothing from ticks & poison oak.
    Dress in layers for the weather with good hiking boots. A good raincoat is essential. All trips subject to change or cancellation at the leader’s discretion. Please keep in mind, this is a heavy snow-pack year and some trips may be cancelled or changed due to snow.
    A donation Of $4.to the driver is recommended if you’re car-pooling. You’ll need $2 toll for Washington hikes.

    Call Karen at 503-919-9027.

    This book is written for FAMILY enjoyment..as will be obvious!!..and yes, it has advanced trails also for those seeking destinations they have to 'work' for!!! ie: Baty Butte/Skookum Lake, Lake Noelle, Rooster Rock, Nasty Rock!!! EXTREME backcountry!!! EXTREME mountain bike riding!!! ENJOY!!! FAMILY HIKING AT ITS BEST in YOUR..... MOLALLA RIVER CORRIDOR PLUS additional information throughout....a spiral bound, pack size designed book of 200 plus pages full of hiking opportunities for your family AND scenic drives for those who enjoy photography and backcountry views!!! PLUS additional information and ideas to enjoy the backcountry ie: marsh photography, leading alpacas, goats etc. on selected trails for enjoyment!!! To contact about purchase email Upwardtrails@aol.com. Purchase price is $15.00 plus mailing fee.

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    October 2016

    Hiking.Sat– DOUBLE FEATURE:.New!
    Hiking.Sat.Oct.1st.2016.New! Up high on Mt Hood's Northeast side. Hike the very scenic and difficult COOPER SPUR Trail starting high above the trees. Within minutes you’ll be close to glaciers and snowfields. Difficult 8.2 mile loop , 2800’ gain, to Tie-in Rock. 63 miles from meeting place including 9 m. gravel. Call Robert 360-513-9244

    biking.Sat.Oct.1st.2016.New! Ride the TWIN TUNNELS TRAIL from Hood River to Mosier. 10 easy, paved miles out & back on this old section of the original scenic highway. 960' gain. 48 m. from L&C SP Call Dave 503-668-8950.

    Hiking.Sat.Oct.8th.2016.New! Hood River Apple Festival and MITCHELL POINT hike. 3.5 miles total. Short, but steep 1040' gain. 42 m. from L&C SP Call Seth at 503-522-7205.

    Hiking.Sat.Oct.15th.2016.New! Hike from the town of Sandy down to the SANDY RIVER and climb back up. About 3 miles. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

    Hiking.Sat.Oct.22nd.2016.New! Hike CAPE FALCON in Oswald West State Park on the Coast. 4.8 mile hike round trip; 300' gain. Be prepared for a rough, rooty trail. (88 miles from 185th) Call Trudi 503-484-7998

    Hiking.Sat.Oct.29th.2016.New! Hike 5 miles or bike 10 nearly level miles on the old CLACKAMAS RIVER ROAD which has been converted to a trail. Call Dave 503-668-8950.

    November 2016

    The Next Schedule will be out Soon!!!

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